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Title: TORANOMON HILLS-Super High-rise Building on Urban Highway
[September, 2014, p.167-171]
Keyword: Highrise buildings, Response-control devices, Structure-switching truss, Road culvert structure and underground, Damping devices
Title: Structural Design of Nakanoshima Festival Tower
[September, 2014, p.173-183]
Keyword: Structural design, Complex building, Mega structure, Steel structure, Mid-story seismic isolation
Title: Study on Structural Efficiency of Super-tall buildings
[September, 2014, p.185-190]
Keyword: Super-tall buildings, Structural efficiency, Shape, Layout, Outriggers
Title: Form Follows Function – The Composite Construction and Mixed Structures in Modern Tall Buildings
[September, 2014, p.191-198]
Keyword: Composite construction, Tall building, Mixed structure, Mega column, Composite wall
Title: Challenges in Structural Design of W-Project
[September, 2014, p.199-204]
Keyword: Yonghoman mixed-use Development project, W project, Outrigger wall, Belt wall
Title: The Research and Application of Innovative High Efficient Construction Technologies in Super High Rise Steel Structure Building
[September, 2014, p.205-214]
Keyword: Super high rise steel structure, Construction, Suspension, Self-elevating, Automatic welding
Title: Design of High Strength Concrete Filled Tubular Columns For Tall Buildings
[September, 2014, p.215-221]
Keyword: Composite structure, Concrete filled steel tube column, High tensile steel, Ultra-high strength concrete, Fire resistance
Title: Progressive Collapse and Seismic Performance of Twisted Diagrid Buildings
[September, 2014, p.223-230]
Keyword: Progressive collapse, Seismic performance, Irregular structures, Diagrid structures
Title: Plastic Deformation Capacity of Steel Beam-to-column Connection under Long-duration Earthquake
[September, 2014, p.231-241]
Keyword: Beam-to-column connection, Ductile fracture, In-plane analysis, Cyclic loading tests, Plastic deformation capacity, Long-duration earthquake
Title: Comparative Evaluation of Structural Systems for Tilted Tall buildings
[June, 2014, p.89-98]
Keyword: Tilted tall buildings, Diagrids, Braced tubes, Outrigger structures
Title: Structural Design and Study of Changsha IFC Tower
[June, 2014, p.99-106]
Keyword: Super high-rise structural system, Belt truss and outriggers, Sensitivity analysis, Outer frame, Plasticity development
Title: Strength Demand of Hysteretic Energy Dissipating Devices Alternative to Coupling Beams in High-Rise Buildings
[June, 2014, p.107-120]
Keyword: RC shear walls, Strength demand, Hysteretic Energy Dissipating Devices (HEDDs), Coupling beams, Frame action
Title: A Study on Optimum Distribution of Story Shear Force Coefficient for Seismic Design of Multi-story Structure
[June, 2014, p.121-145]
Keyword: Optimum distribution of story shear force coefficient, Accumulative plastic deformation ratio
Title: Impact of Demand-Controlled Ventilation with the Wireless Sensor Network on the Energy and Air Quality Performance Enhancement in the Underground Parking Lot
[June, 2014, p.147-154]
Keyword: Curtain wall, U-value, Thermal chamber, Thermal test, Thermal performance standards
Title: A Study on the Operational Status of the Chamber for Testing the Thermal Performance of Curtain Walls
[June, 2014, p.155-165]
Keyword: Demand-controlled ventilation (DCV), Energy saving potential, Indoor air quality, Underground parking facilities, Wireless sensor network

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